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Stories are listed with the newest on top; all stories are gen unless pairings are listed.
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SGA: Novel-Length Stories
Stories over 60,000 words

A Clear and Different Light     88K words; August 2008    
Co-written with Naye. Sheppard/McKay pairing plus lots of team. Fantasy AU in which Sheppard's a mage, Rodney's a whale rider, Teyla's a rune-scientist and Ronon has wings. Read story at SGA Big Bang's website (don't miss the illustrations!) or find additional side stories and artwork at the Whaleverse LJ community. This story also can now be found on AO3.

The Light of a Fading Sun     93K words; completed May 2007    
Perhaps the only thing worse than blowing up 5/6 of a solar system is not blowing it up at all. A long, somewhat dark AU in which the characters drift apart following the Siege -- but the events on Doranda will have far-ranging and unexpected effects. And theirs will not be the only universe affected. Contains spoilers through Season 3's "Sunday". Read story on one page here or on
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Drama (Gen) in the Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Duet category**

The Killing Frost     100K words; completed October 2006
Suspense, h/c, drama, team. All characters (with emphasis on McKay, Sheppard & Caldwell). A scientific mission gone wrong leaves the Daedalus stranded on an ice planet with Atlantis's top scientists and a ruthless saboteur. Will rescue come before injuries and the elements take their toll? General (mostly vague) spoilers for Season 2 plus one mild one for "McKay & Mrs. Miller". Read story on one page or at
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Action/Adventure (Gen) in the Team category**

Running on Empty     90K words; completed June 2006
Action/adventure, h/c, friendship. Sheppard and McKay are captured by Wraith, implanted with trackers and released to run and die. Spoilers through Season 2. Read story on one page or at
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Action/Adventure (Gen) in the Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Duet category**

That Which is Broken     60K words; completed April 2006
Team, drama, h/c. Following the events of "Trinity", Teyla has a plan to repair the rift in her team ... but it may come at a terrible cost. Read story on one page or at
**Winner: 2006 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Episode Tag (Gen)**

SGA: Multimedia/Mixed Media Stories
Stories that aren't just prose

The Pegasus Galaxy Darwin Awards     Mixed media; April 2008.    
The title says it all, really. Read story on Livejournal.

Pictures for Jeannie     Mixed media; July 2007
Sequel to "Postcards to Jeannie"; Teyla sends photographs of the Pegasus Galaxy to her new friend. Spoilers for "McKay & Mrs. Miller" and "Return". Begin viewing the story (image intensive).

...Or the Doll Gets It     Mixed media; May 2007.    
Little Rodney and Jeannie's bedroom doors tell a story. Mild spoilers for "McKay & Mrs. Miller" and "Redemption". View story at SGA_Flashfic.

Spirit Dance     Mixed media; March 2007.    
Elizabeth really, really, really hates mission reports like this one; unfortunately she gets them a lot. Two images depicting a "typical" mission report from Team Sheppard. Read story here or on Livejournal.

Postcards to Jeannie     Mixed media; October 2006
Humor, team, friendship. Teyla starts sending postcards to Rodney's sister on Earth; soon everyone else joins the fun. Spoilers for Season 3 episode "McKay & Mrs. Miller". Begin viewing the story (several pages, image intensive).
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Teyla (Gen)**

SGA: Novellas
15,000 to 60,000 words

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea     33,000 words; December 2009    
McKay/Keller with John & Rodney friendship, post-season-five. John is dealing with his teammates' love lives just like any other emotional issue: by ignoring the situation and hoping it goes away. But when a mission gone wrong traps John, Rodney and Jennifer a thousand feet beneath New Lantea's ocean -- injured and out of touch with Atlantis, with the clock running down and a mysterious enemy in pursuit -- they're either going to have to work out their differences ... or die trying. Read story here on one page or on Livejournal.

Tao of Whales     16,700 words; September 2009    
"Tao of Rodney" in the universe of Naye's and my A Clear and Distant Light. "Wow, I'm almost as smart as a whale," Rodney thought in wonder. Read story on AO3 or read on Livejournal.

Slightly Tarnished Armor     37,000 words; December 2008    
Total crack - Arthurian AU with little more than a passing resemblance to either the Arthur legend or actual history. Ronon/Jennifer, Rodney/Teyla, John/Elizabeth; secret lovers, long-lost brothers, girls in boys' clothing, runaway brides, blood feuds and more! Read story here on one page or on Livejournal.

Night Ops     17,500 words; September 2008    
Light McKay/Keller pairing; action, h/c. Rodney and Jennifer race a ticking clock to save Sheppard's life on a hostile, frozen world. Set in Season Four. Read story here on one page or on Livejournal.

Follow the Sun to the Ends of the World     17K words; October 2007
Sunday tag. Rodney finds a way to cope, but the results are anything but good. Read story on Livejournal or on

Ghost in the Machine     48K words; completed July 2007    
Action, suspense, horror; written for Halloween. Sheppard and McKay are trapped on a world with a malfunctioning Stargate, a monster ... and a mystery. Read story on one page here or on

Shattered Things     24K words; December 2006
Action-adventure, mystery, drama, h/c. Rodney and Carson are lost on a world at war; the others try to find them. Read story here, or on my Livejournal, or at

Long Road Home     26K words; November 2006
Drama, friendship, h/c, and very AU. You can run to the ends of the Earth, but you can't escape from yourself. An undocumented immigrant, an emotionally and physically damaged veteran, and a border patrol agent who hates his job ... maybe they were destined to be friends in any universe. There are also some sequel snippets on LJ. Read story here, or at my Livejournal, or at

Blind Justice     16K words; October 2006
Drama, friendship, h/c. He touched something he shouldn't have, and it killed him. But that's not the end, not when you have friends willing to drag you back. John, Rodney & Elizabeth friendship. Season 3 spoilers through Common Ground. Read story here, or on my Livejournal, or at

Candle in the Dark     26K words; July 2006
Action/adventure, h/c. Injured and trapped underground with a killer robot, Sheppard and McKay must rely on each other to survive. Read story here, or on Livejournal (in parts), or at

Plumber's Helper     27K words; May 2006
Humor, team, friendship. Takes place between "Rising" and "Hide & Seek". As if the Wraith aren't bad enough, now the Atlantean plumbing is broken. Follows the beginnings of the McKay-Sheppard friendship. Read story on one page or at

SGA: Short Stories
Stories under 15K words

Untitled Search & Rescue tag for Tridget     1300 words; September 2010    
Tridget asked for a scene with Sheppard and Caldwell, so this is a little ficlet post-Search & Rescue. Read story on Livejournal or read on Dreamwidth.

Voyage of the Wraith Hunter     3200 words; August 2010    
Based on this challenge at sga_flashfic. "We always thought you were a legend," the Traveler captain says. Takes place ten years or so post-canon; kind of post-apocalyptic. Mild John/Teyla, former Teyla/Kanaan. Read story on Livejournal.

Good Girls Don't     2400 words; July 2010    
Jeannie/Kaleb; written for SGA Kink Meme, for the prompt "rape fantasy". Contains consensual rape kink; NC-17. Read story at sga_kinkmeme on Livejournal.

Peripheral     7000 words; July 2010    
Written for a piece of art by almost_clara for SGA Reverse Bang. Radek struggles, sometimes, with the feeling that he's an outsider to the closeness that Sheppard's team share. Offworld rescue missions tend to put things in perspective, though. Read story on Dreamwidth.

Wraithshadow     11,500 words; July 2010    
"Runner" in the Whaleverse - how Ronon turned up on Athos, and what happened next. This is a prequel to A Clear and Different Light, but it is not necessary to read that one first. Gen; no pairings. Read on Dreamwidth (1 page) or read on Livejournal (2 posts).

Coping Mechanisms     3300 words; June 2010    
Takes place shortly after "Enemy at the Gate"; McKay/Keller, Ronon/Amelia, Teyla/Kanaan. No actual sex, but lots of talking about it, because there's not much else to do when they're stuck off the coast of San Francisco. Read story on Livejournal.

Jumper Down     9800 words; April 2010    
Rodney/Teyla (established relationship; nothing explicit) for Ishie in Sticksandsnark 2010. They're stranded, injured and hunted on a dark rainy night. Read story on Livejournal or read story on Archive Of Our Own.

All the Roads Return     9500 words; March 2010    
Rodney and Teyla are stranded and captured, with a valuable burden to carry. Set in some vague season-five or post-season-five timeline (i.e. after Torren's birth). Read story on Livejournal.

Not Exactly Rodney's Favorite Planet     3500 words; March 2010    
Rodney gets food poisoning on a mission. Basically just self-indulgent mild h/c and team friendship. Read story on Livejournal.

Life Extraordinary     2500 words; March 2010    
Post-"Lost Tribe", but basically a "Defiant One" tag. A team moment of downtime on a rare peaceful mission leads to stories of missions past. Read story on Livejournal.

Piece by Piece     4900 words; February 2010    
Teyla makes an afghan, and Atlantis learns to crochet. Seasons one through early five. Read story on Livejournal.

Icebreaker     1000 words; January 2010    
Sheppard/Keller pairing, post-season-five; not a cheating fic. Read story on Livejournal.

Siege II missing scene     1300 words; December 2009    
John, Rodney, little bit of Zelenka. Just a quick peek at them during some down time in the episode. Read story on Livejournal.

Steps Forward and Back     5800 words; December 2009    
"38 Minutes" tag; John POV; takes place primarily between "38 Minutes" and "Suspicion", with a little post-Siege as well. Sometimes people prove themselves under pressure; other times, you find out things you didn't really want to know about them. Read story on Livejournal.

Squonksgiving     1800 words; December 2009    
Sometimes John just gets a feeling that this is going to be yet another day that's not going in the mission report. Humor, crack. Read story on Livejournal.

Avalanche     2000 words; December 2009    
For commentfic challenge on sga_hc_challenges. The whole team's injured and half of them are buried in snow -- just another lousy mission gone wrong. Ronon POV. Read story here or in comment thread on Livejournal.

Shrine tag     2800 words; December 2009    
For commentfic challenge on sga_hc_challenges. Rodney's recovering, but not as fast as he likes; now all he needs is a relapse. Read story here or in comment thread on Livejournal.

Like a Silver Chain, Entwined     4800 words; December 2009    
"Vegas" AU. Teyla and Ronon's side of the story; Rodney appears, also. Character death warning; pretty dark. Read story on Livejournal.

Regroup and Recover     1600 words; August 2009    
Missing scene for "Enemy at the Gate". Ronon and Rodney have a long-overdue talk. Read story on Livejournal.

Spaces Between     1600 words; July 2009    
For cliche_bingo. Team story, gen, John POV. See specific, spoilery warnings on website. Read story on Livejournal.

Refugees in Rivertown     5400 words; May 2009    
For sga_genficathon - Three young orphans rescue Teyla after she is presumed dead. Now she must help them while getting back to her people. Read story on Livejournal.

Three Brothers     8100 words; May 2009    
For the AU Fest at team_sga - The team are kids, all of them born in Pegasus. Teyla's parents take in three adopted brothers that she never wanted. Read story on Livejournal.

Skin Memory     3100 words; March 2009    
Rodney/Teyla (with mention of John/Ronon) for sticksandsnark's 2009 ficathon. The first time Rodney touched her was in the lab, of course, but it wouldn't be the last. Read story on Livejournal.

untitled (Rodney builds a campfire)     1100 words; February 2009    
From lavvyan's prompt "Rodney McKay, fire". Season one; team. Read story on Livejournal.

Apocafic snippet one and Apocafic snippet two     1400 & 1100 words; February 2009    
Two apocafic AU ficlets - Rodney with some Teyla and John; character death warning in the first one. Part one and Part two are both on LJ.

Woven Together, Seamless     8300 words; December 2008    
2008 sga_santa story (the first year I participated!). Season Four during Teyla's pregnancy; an ice world, a festival, drunken team snuggling and things of that nature. Read story on Livejournal.

Coming Down     8200 words; December 2008    
My 2008 Secret Santa fic for the sheppard_hc fic exchange. John's been through an ordeal, but getting rescued is just the beginning. Read story on Livejournal.

Untitled Rodney birthday ficlet     2400 words; November 2008    
Just a cheerful, friendshippy bit of fluff. Read story on Livejournal.

Cheating the Other Guy     2000 words; November 2008    
Teyla & Sam story for Galpalficathon. Sam and Teyla find themselves in a Western. Sort of. And Teyla seems to have accidentally sold her teammates to buy a ranch, but who can blame her? Read story on Livejournal.

Peace I Leave With You     3500 words; October 2008    
Ronon/Rodney/Jennifer. One possible way it could go post-season-five. Read story on Livejournal.

Untitled political fluff     900 words; September 2008    
No plot, really; just goofball verbal sparring between friends, heading into election season in their 'verse. Read story on Livejournal.

Colors Seen by Candlelight     1500 words; August 2008    
Tag for 5x06, "The Shrine". Rodney and Teyla have a chat. Read story on Livejournal.

Sleepover     800 words; July 2008    
OT4, explicit sex, written for Port Battle VI on LJ for the prompt "tent". Read on Livejournal.

Knights Errant     5300 words; April 2008    
Knight Rider fusion/AU. Pretty much total crack. Read story on Livejournal.

Luck of the Draw     4000 words; April 2008    
Ronon-centric college AU, in which four unlikely housemates begin to forge a friendship. Read story on Livejournal.

The Great Pegasus Train Robbery     10,500 words; April 2008    
Sort of a Butch Cassidy AU. The Pegasus River Gang are about as effective at robbing trains as they are at saving galaxies. Mainly focused on Sheppard, McKay, and Ford. Read story on Livejournal.

Even Bonnie and Clyde Had Off Days     3200 words; March 2008    
Teyla and Ronon get their own madcap adventure, and find themselves wishing they'd stayed home. Read story on Livejournal.

Four Untitled Valentines Ficlets     5000 words; February 2008    
Despite the title, and the holiday, these are all gen -- tales of greeting cards given and received, some heartwarming and others silly. Read story on Livejournal.

Second Verse (Same as the First)     3000 words; February 2008    
"The Marines call it the Planet of the Willing Virgins, you know." It's the "willing" part that's debatable. Dark, non-con situations, major issues. Read story on Livejournal.

Cold Comforts     5000 words; January 2008    
Rodney falls down a glacier crevasse. Little else but shameless h/c, really. Read story on Livejournal.

In For Stormy Weather     6500 words; December 2007    
Sheppard-HC Secret Santa story for Radioshack84; takes place in the first season. Read story here.

Between the Lines     6500 words; December 2007
Sometimes you'd never dream of being friends with someone ... until getting stuck with them in another galaxy. Traces the development of John and Rodney's friendship. Read story on Livejournal or on

All Our Heroes Have Feet of Clay     1600 words; December 2007    
During "Return", Radek seeks out someone from his past. Read story on Livejournal.

And to Dust They Return     1200 words; December 2007
Doppelganger tag. Carter reflects on her new post, and misses her team. Read story on Livejournal.

Five Ways They Cheated Death (in our universe)     3100 words; November 2007
There but for the grace, go they. Spoilers through Lifeline; written for sga-flashfic's Ways to Die Challenge. Read story on Livejournal or on

Customs     430 words; November 2007
For a John/Teyla prompt at Pornucopia 2007 (though the story came out basically team gen). Backseat jumper games keep the team from killing each other on long flights. Read story on Livejournal.

Safe     1100 words; November 2007
Just a bit of team fluff. Read story on Livejournal.

Tie a Scarlet Ribbon     2200 words; October 2007
A Teyla-centric AU tag for Lifeline. What if they didn't come back? Read story on Livejournal.

In Heaven and Earth     1800 words; October 2007
It gets bloody creepy here at night. Spoilers through Lifeline. Read story on Livejournal.

Staring at the Sun     4700 words; September 2007
Future AU, dark. Rodney used to think that death was the worst thing that could happen to them on a mission. He was wrong. Read story on Livejournal.

All That Glitters (Are Not ZPMs)     2800 words; August 2007
Just an ordinary day on Atlantis -- with Rodney in pursuit of an alleged ZPM factory and everyone else along for the ride. Humor and Atlantis slice-of-life. Read story on Livejournal.

Songs of Athos     3000 words; August 2007
Set in early Season 1. Teyla discovers Earth music, and rediscovers her own. Read story on Livejournal.

Artisan     1200 words; August 2007
A glimpse of Ronon's childhood on Sateda. Read story on Livejournal.

Faith and Mountains     1700 words; August 2007
Season 3 spoilers; specific episode will be made clear in the story. Teyla knows that sometimes you must trust yourself, even when the world turns against you. Read story on Livejournal.

Safe Harbor     1200 words; August 2007
A bit of Ronon and Rodney h/c, because there isn't enough of it. This was remixed as Any Port in a Storm (the Cold Winds, Hot Air remix) by Xparrot. Read story on Livejournal.

Anger Management     1400 words; August 2007
Kate and John's therapy sessions after the events of "Phantoms" and "Common Ground". Read story on Livejournal.

Golden     1340 words; July 2007
Vaguely spoilery for the end of Season 3. Caldwell is not the only sailor who's ever had a sweetheart in a foreign port of call, nor the only one who's ever had to make a decision like this. Caldwell/OFC. Read story on Livejournal.

Five Ways They Weren't Pirates     6000 words; July 2007
Like the title says ... a series of AU versions of the team as space pirates, sky pirates, etc. Mostly gen, but two contain background hints of het-ship, and one is non-explicit John/Rodney. Read story on Livejournal.

Satedan Psychic Fever     1600 words; March 2007    
Sateda tag, very very mild spoilers. Pegasus Galaxy natives aren't susceptible to Earth microbes, and vice versa, with a few regrettable exceptions. For sga-flashfic's Sickness Challenge. Read story here or at

Save the Whales     1300 words; February 2007    
Humor. Rodney figured that if he bided his time long enough, an opportunity for revenge would come along. And, at long last, fate had smiled on him. Spoilers for Echoes; written for sga-flashfic's Sickness Challenge. Read story here, or on Livejournal, or at

Losing Time     2500 words; February 2007    
Critical Mass tag. In a just universe, the agony should have been followed by oblivion. But Steven already knows the universe isn't just. Read story here or on Livejournal.

Comrades in Arms     3900 words; February 2007    
Kinda-sorta Vengeance tag (i.e. inspired by the episode, but not really spoiler-ish for it). One small "Tao of Rodney" spoiler. McKay Ronon friendship. Read story here or at
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Duet: Ronon/Other (Gen)**

The Color of Stone     9400 words; January 2007    
An alien device turns the team members against each other in a desperate struggle to survive. Somewhat dark. Read story here or on Livejournal.

The Longest Mile     5600 words; January 2007    
Sunday tag, with major spoilers for the episode. Sometimes the only thing that keeps us from falling apart, is the need to hold someone else together. Sheppard and McKay friendship. Read story here or at

The Man in Black and the Baker's Daughter     5800 words; January 2007    
Ford, OC. Follows "Irresistible", with implied spoilers; knowledge of the episode is helpful. This story was remixed by siriaeve as Wear the Black in Mournin' (The Pied Piper Remix) for Gateverse Remix. Read story here or on Livejournal.

Breathe     11K words; December 2006    
Secret Santa story for Alipeeps. They all have their fears, and in the Pegasus Galaxy, fears are all too likely to come true. Sheppard and McKay whumping, friendship, humor. Read story here or at

Night Swimming     7800 words; December 2006    
Zelenka/Teyla friendship and mild pairing. Radek set out to teach himself to swim, but it took a late-night encounter to make him realize that you can't always do everything alone, and there is no shame in leaning on others. Read story here, or on Livejournal, or at

Christmas in the Holly-Free Zone     11K words; December 2006
Friendship, humor, fluff. As an antidote to all the sappy Christmas stories out there, how about a funny one? It's the first Christmas on Atlantis. Sheppard's a candy cane, Kavanagh's an elf, Heightmeyer has a cunning plan to build team spirit, Elizabeth has a headache and Rodney's just boycotting the whole thing. Read story here or on Livejournal.

Monster Slayer     3000 words; December 2006
Friendship, character study. "Tao of Rodney" missing scene with mild spoilers for the episode. Outsider POV of Sheppard attempting to do what he does best. Read story here or at

Three Kinds of Men     3500 words; December 2006
Angst, drama, character study. "Irresponsible" tag with major spoilers. Sheppard was told that in war, there are three kinds of men. Read story here or at

Old Soldiers Die Hard     8500 words; September 2006
Angst, friendship. The old guy in Room 30B was about the most disagreeable human being that the nurses had ever met. But he did get visitors ... including a retired Air Force Colonel. Spoilers for Season 3. Read story here or on my Livejournal or at
**Winner: 2007 Stargate Fan Awards - Best Angst (Gen) in the Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Duet category**

Walking Wounded     1900 words; August 2006
Angst, friendship. "Grace Under Pressure" tag. The deepest wounds are not always those of the flesh, and Rodney's not the only one to carry scars. Read story here or at

Whatever Can Go Wrong     3000 words; August 2006
Humor; written for Secret Superpower Challenge on sga-flashfic. Babysitting as a teen, Elizabeth learned that when kids are noisy, everything is okay. When they get quiet ... that's when you know they're up to something. Unfortunately, she is about to learn the same is true of scientists. Small SG-1 crossover. Read story here, or on Livejournal, or at

Planet of the Elvii     4900 words; July 2006
Humor. A total crackfic written for my sister, in which Sheppard's team learns the perils of introducing Earth pop culture into the Pegasus Galaxy. Read story here or at

Perchance to Dream     1900 words; July 2006
Drama, canon deathfic. She had come out of stasis many more times than she had told them. An Elizabeth-centric tag to "Before I Sleep". Read story here, on Livejournal, or at

Regrets     3100 words; July 2006
Friendship, drama, gen. Epiphany tag, of sorts. Teyla, Sheppard, and a little bit of Rodney, a late night conversation in the cafeteria, and some regrets about roads not taken. Read story here or at

Empire     1900 words; June 2006
Written for sga_flashfic's Earthside Challenge. You can't go home again ... except sometimes you do. Caldwell-centric; Season 2 spoilers. Read story here, or on Livejournal, or at

Bad Dog, No Biscuit     13K words; June 2006
Humor, drama, team. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt -- Ronon touches something he shouldn't have, and hilarity ensues ... until the side effects start to show up. Read story here or at

SG-1 Stories
Also includes those that cross over into SGA but have primarily SG-1 content

Carry Me Home     4100 words; March 2007    
Slash, het and friendship; pairings include Teal'c/Sam, Teal'c/Cameron, and Teal'c/Daniel/Vala. Mature content. This is what he doesn't tell them -- missing scene/tag for "Unending", the SG-1 series finale, with very large spoilers. Read story here or at Livejournal.

Ships in the Night     500 words; February 2007    
Missing scene for SG-1 episode "Road Not Taken", but really more of an Atlantis story. Sam couldn't fix a whole universe, but maybe she could fix one small thing. This could be taken as either gen or pre-slash depending on how you lean. Read story here or at

Remixes & Tags for Others' Stories
because sharing the sandbox is half the fun

Selena of the Bears (Aesop's Choose Your Own Adventure Remix)     3300 words; July 2008    
Remix of Androcles and the Lion by Seleneheart. Carson/Ronon pairing. Ronon's transition from man on the run to his first couple of days in Atlantis, with extra bonus Satedan mythology. Read story at Gateverse Remix.

But For the Grace     6700 words; May 2008
AU of Types of Intelligence by rhymer23 for the sheppard_hc Remix Challenge. What if one thing had been different? Dark; see warnings on story. Read story on Livejournal.

the deepest cut (leaves no mark to bear)     8200 words; September 2007
Sequel to the mercy variant by Kodiak Bear Country. The team, especially Rodney, deal with the fallout from John's actions in Kodiak's story. Read story on Livejournal.

Help Me     2600 words; August 2007
Sequel to Save Me by Kodiak Bear Country. I believe this would be the obligatory infirmary/post-injury-comfort scene. Read story on Livejournal.

The Lone and Level Sands     2000 words; August 2007
A rather bleak and atmospheric tag for Message in a Bottle by rhymer23. Read story on Livejournal.

Earth on a Shoestring     3000 words; June 2007    
Remix of $178.23 by SiegeOfAngels. Sheppard's team, an SUV and an SGC expense account plus road trip equals trouble. Read story at Gateverse Remix.

SGA: Story Series
The longer stories in these series (i.e. longer than commentfic) can also be found listed individually with the other stories in the sections above this one.

Series co-written with Naye; begins with A Clear and Different Light (2008 SGA Big Bang) and continues with various shorter stories written by each of us individually. The stories can be found on the Whaleverse LJ community and on my page and Naye's page on AO3 (or look them up by the Whaleverse tag or Whaleverse series on AO3).

Texas AU    
This begins with Long Road Home and continues in various sequel snippets at my Livejournal.

A note on my stories:
Everything I write is totally available for sequels, remixes, tags or whatever. Want to write the mission report for the Elvis story, or rewrite Running on Empty as a McShep pornstravaganza? Want to use my OCs in your story? Go for it! There are no strings attached, although if you do, I would LOVE it if you could send me a link so I can see what you've done with them...

Stargate Atlantis and its characters belong to MGM and the Sci-Fi Channel, not to me. I only play with them.