"Trigun: Sand & Light" is a fanfic continuation of the Trigun anime series. New fanfic "episodes" appeared bi-weekly and then weekly from January 2001 to July 2001.

You have several options for reading "Sand & Light"!

Sand and Light: Deluxe Edition

Fully illustrated -- includes volume and episode covers, and illustrations within the story, as well as extra goodies.

Sand and Light: Basic Edition

If you are on a slow connection, or if you just want to read the story without clicking through the images, go here for a list of chapters in plain HTML format.

Download the Deluxe Edition

This link will take you to a page where you can download ZIP files of the series and read them offline.

S&L Gallery

This is the gallery of S&L inspired art. The covers for the Deluxe Edition aren't in the gallery, but you can see them all in one place by going to the Deluxe Edition credits page.

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Trigun and all characters and situations are (c) Yasuhiro Nightow and Young King Comics, with U.S. distribution rights by Pioneer Animation. You may print, distribute, archive and copy this story freely, as well as write sequels, draw fanart, and do whatever else you want with the ideas I've presented here.